We have sent out, by email, the first monthly Newsletter : to all Heart of England Cycling Club members (for whom we have email addresses) The newsletters will be brief bullet points - and also published in the Private area of the website Forum.  This month's topics include:

Membership - update on numbers - Ride Captains - the regular plea for ride leaders! - Purity Brewery visit - 19 November 2015 - Christmas lunch - 9 December 2015 - Forum - take a look . . . - Ride updates - check before you leave home - Sunday rides - details in the Events Listing - Photographs - upload your photographs - Jerseys - a few Heart of England jerseys, discounted - Feedback - do let us have your views, ideas etc on matters related to the club and its development and cycling in general.

We did think of calling the newsletter "Cycle Clips"  ... but as we've moved on from CTC perhaps "Clipless" might be a better name!