The Ride Library will, to start with, be primarily Wednesday rides that start at The Red Lion, Earlswood with the odd car assist ride from time to time.

To ensure "fairness" in terms of riders' home locations etc there is a prescribed plan that segments the quadrant of the compass from NW to NE of the area south of Birmingham.  Each segment is numbered and rides are normally arranged in numerical sequence (looking at the map will make the concept obvious)

The plan is that Ride Captains will provide the route for their ride at least 7 days in advance for it to be added to the Library - initially the routes will be only from the start to lunch as members increasingly depart in different directions for home.  It's going to take time to discipline Ride Captains but the expectation is that a Library of routes that can re-used, tweeked etc for future use by other/new Ride Captains.

Files will normally be in .gpx format that most GPS gadgets and mapping systems should be able to handle.


The benefits of having routes available are numerous - not least if a ride group is split up for whatever reason - everyone knows which way the route goes!

... BUT, it'll take time!