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Unless you have the club's website bookmarked in your browser (and you should!) typing in the complete  text is a bit long-winded so we have registered  for faster access.

Entering this address will take you straight to the main website - it's just a short-cut.


We have sent out, by email, the first monthly Newsletter : to all Heart of England Cycling Club members (for whom we have email addresses) The newsletters will be brief bullet points - and also published in the Private area of the website Forum.  This month's topics include:

Membership - update on numbers - Ride Captains - the regular plea for ride leaders! - Purity Brewery visit - 19 November 2015 - Christmas lunch - 9 December 2015 - Forum - take a look . . . - Ride updates - check before you leave home - Sunday rides - details in the Events Listing - Photographs - upload your photographs - Jerseys - a few Heart of England jerseys, discounted - Feedback - do let us have your views, ideas etc on matters related to the club and its development and cycling in general.

We did think of calling the newsletter "Cycle Clips"  ... but as we've moved on from CTC perhaps "Clipless" might be a better name!


Christmas Lunch at The Navigation, Wootton Wawen at 1230 prompt.  Three courses and coffee/tea.

BOOKING is open NOW - CLICK HERE - or follow the CHRISTMAS Lunch link on the LH side. 

You MUST book, pay in advance and select your menu options - no on-the-day bookings.

All paid-up members of Heart of England Cycling Club will receive a £5.00 subsidy - guests are welcome.


The Secretary has created a Facebook page for Heart of England Cycling Club - CLICK HERE   or on the icon


In due course, when and if the webmaster gets to grips with understanding this new-fangled social media stuff, the Facebook content will be integrated with the main club website.


At the SGM the proposal to dissolve CTC Heart of England was approved - 21 votes for, 0 against.

The new club, affiliated to CTC, has been launched and membership is open at