We use a secure, external provider to process memberships and collect monies - it's efficient and saves us time (and the cost is negligible!)

The online form to complete is intuitive - with some mandatory fields.  When you reach the Payment part there are two "radio buttons" with options : 

- the second one is set as the default to "Pay by Card" which is a one-off payment (i.e. when your membership is due for renewal you will receive a notice and have to make a fresh payment)

- the first option "Pre-authorise future payments" - means that you can have a rolling renewal.  DO NOT TAKE THIS OPTION - just use the "Pay by Card" option to make a single payment

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or Paypal account (Paypal processes the debit/credit card payments - NOTE: when you are taken to Paypal (see below) the default is for a Paypal account payment, if paying wih a debit/credit card there is a separate option whereby Paypal processes the transaction without a Paypal account)

A few people have experienced difficulty in joining - we have thoroughly tested the system from time to time and the most likely causes are : incorrect Paypal/card details, or taking too long to complete the details.