If you have photographs that may be suitable for the website (Ride reports, promotion ... whatever!) we have a very simple process to upload from your device to store on the website* ... to then be edited into content or to the Photo Gallery (for the future - in the website development plan)

This is what you do .... on the RH side of this page is a module with BROWSE ... do just that to find photos on your device and load them .. and note:

  • Only 1 photograph at a time can be uploaded, just repeat the process
  • Maximum file size is 4Mb (although 480 x 640 at 72dpi is preferred**)
  • File name must be unique ... if a duplicate then the upload will fail (just rename your file)
  • The webmaster receives an advisory email when a photo is uploaded.

*By uploading photographs you are agreeing that they may be displayed on a publicly accessible website.
**There's an excellent and highly intuitive, free, PC prog called PhotoFiltre that does all sorts of file conversion