The Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) formed the Birmingham and Midlands District Association (DA) on 10th June 1899. Following WW1 the DA membership had grown significantly, this rapid growth heralded the formation of fourteen new DA 'Sections'. In 1920, covering Birmingham, the Northern and the Southern Sections were formed. The 'Southern Section', as we became know, subsequently added it's own Family Section on May 14th 1950. In the early 2000's the CTC DA's were disbanded and the Southern Section changed name to CTC Heart of England member group.

Having been defeated earlier, a very small percentage of the total CTC membership took part in a another national vote about the same issue. Second time around the motion passed narrowly. In 2012 the CTC ceased to be owned by it's membership, becoming a national charity with charitable objectives instead. Later, the name CTC was pushed to the background as the charity re-branded to Cycling UK . In response to these radical changes, our particular CTC Member Group also decided to change.......

The independent Heart of England Cycling Club was formed in June 2015 (a club that was affilliated to Cycling UK ). At a Special General Meeting on Monday 7 September 2015 our regular riders agreed to dissolve the CTC Heart of England member group and continue as our new independent cycling club only. In order to broaden our appeal and underline our independence, in 2016 Heart of England Cycling Club also became affiliated to British Cycling

In essence we have been around for almost 100 years, albeit in a few different guises!!